Painting With Marbles

One of my favorite art activities to do with my class is painting with marbles! This idea comes from Art Hub for Kids and their video below.

Here is what our finished products looked like this year:




Second Grade Learns About September 11th

I’ve always wanted to do a focused lesson on September 11th for my students, but I never felt that I had the appropriate tools to do so in the past. This year, I found some wonderful resources that helped me shape an open and informative discussion, craft project, and a week of social studies mini-projects for my class!

We began by watching this video, which was free and available to watch the day after 9/11. We had a delicate discussion about how people are free to feel how they feel but that it is not okay for people to hurt other people because of their feelings. Our discussion ended with me guiding our class to the idea of the phrase “United We Stand.” I decided to focus on this positive phrase in case some of my students were feeling sad after watching the video and also because I saw that it was a writing prompt on some of the materials I wanted to use for social studies time, that I downloaded from Teachers Pay Teachers. Though I did not end up using the craft from Just Wild About Teaching‘s “Patriotic Craftivity,” I absolutely loved all the writing prompts and other printables in this bundle. Those materials helped me create an entire week of focused social studies activities and discussions!

The craft project I ended up doing with my class in honor of September 11th was based on a Google search and this image from Teacher by the Beach that really caught my eye. Though my class didn’t have enough blue construction paper for a blue heart background, I found some heart-shaped templates from this fantastic website, and I had my students glue on a blue square and red and white strips of construction paper. We also painted on stars, and I told my students they could be “abstract” with how many stars were in the blue part of their art piece, though we knew from our KWL discussion of America that there are 50 stars in the United States of America flag!

Find our finished products below!




Wednesday Art Day: Labor Day Tool Belts


In deciding what project I wanted our class to focus on for today’s Art Day, I thought it would be fun to have a little discussion about the recent holiday we celebrated–Labor Day! Before beginning to design our tool belts, we had a discussion about the meaning of the word labor (Google told us it means: “work, especially hard physical work”) and watched a cute little video about people who work.

Later, we colored some tools. (Click the pictures below to enlarge.).



Finally, Miss McWoodson stapled together our tool belts!



This was a very fun, simple craft, and I like that it related to the recent holiday we had in the United States. It took me longer than expected to fit students for belts (hence me only getting through about 5 students today!). Also, I can’t figure out how to make the belt adjustable. Future goals!


Wednesday Art Day: Circle Flowers

For last week’s Wednesday Art Day, we combined materials to created mixed-media pieces. I knew that I wanted to have the class create something with circles, as I enjoy starting off the year with classic Wassily Kandinsky circle projects, but I wanted to put a different spin on the project.


Using circles found HERE and prototypes found HERE we created lovely circle flowers last week! Find them hanging in our hallway tomorrow morning!


Find a few close-ups of student art work HERE.

Learn more about Kandinsky circles from the video below, which demonstrates how to create the circles using oil pastels!


I Can Add Doubles!

Hello! I hope you are feeling well-rested, as am I, after the long holiday weekend.

We are now officially on schedule and doing formal ELA and math lessons each day in school. Today, we did a read-aloud of our story Henry and Mudge and discussed the jobs of an author and an illustrator. Remember: Scholars must be familiar with this story, as we have our 40-question ELA test this Friday, and 10 of those questions are on story comprehension. Our centers activities that we will be doing each day will help us review the story themes, our phonics (short “a” and short i sounds), grammar (subjects–WHO? and predicates–DID WHAT?), and our language skill (alphabetical order) this week.

In math, we had fun reviewing our doubles facts! Scholars are learning that they can use a doubles addition sentence (i.e., 6 + 6 = 12) to solve a near-doubles addition problem (i.e., 5 + 6 = 11).  We also began learning about the following vocabulary words in math today: sum, difference, greater than, less than, addends. Feel free to watch the fun doubles-fact video below with your scholar this week! You can also find several doubles worksheets that you can download and print by clicking HERE.

Our “Go Word” for this week is: VERB. Today we learned that a verb can show action (run, jump, hop, skip) or a state of being (am, is, are, was, were).

Happy Tuesday!


Time to Start Curriculum!

This week, our second grade team will be beginning to introduce our scholars to curriculum, while continuing to teach culture and routines for the remaining 10 Days of Culture. Reminder: We have our first English Language Arts test and our first Spelling test of the year this Friday, September 2nd! Below are some resources for what our scholars will be learning this week.


Phonics/Grammar Focus

  1. Phonics: short vowel sounds “a” and “i”
  2. Grammar: subjects and predicates
Spelling Words

  1. sad
  2. dig
  3. jam
  4. glad
  5. list
  6. win
  7. flat
  8. if
  9. fix
  10. rip
  11. kit
  12. mask
  13. as
  14. his
  15. sandwich
  16. picnic
Target Vocabulary Words

straight: not curling, curving, or bending

collars: bands that animals wear around their necks

row: a number of things arranged in a line

floppy: hanging or moving in a loose, droopy way

stood: was in an upright position on one’s feet

drooled: let saliva drip from the mouth

curly: having a twisted, ring, or spiral shape

weighed: had a certain heaviness

Your scholar may complete activities to help them practice this week’s spelling words here:

Homework, Parent Surveys, and Abstract Art

Good Morning Families,

Happy Tuesday! Below are a few announcements for this week.

  • IMG_2857HOMEWORK: Second grade sent home our first homework packet for the 2016-2017 school year! Remember, scholars are expected to complete a few pages of homework each night, Monday through Thursday. Scholars will earn Dojo points for work that is completed each night (and quickly checked in class) and teachers will collect the entire Homework Packet on Friday mornings so that we can enter points in our grade book. Please make sure your child is keeping their weekly homework packet in the front pocket of his/her binder for Miss McWoodson’s class! (I ordered binders for our entire class, but they have not come in yet! Don’t worry if your scholar does not yet have a binder, but if they do have a binder, they may use this as their School/Home Binder, which means they will take this binder home each night and bring it to school each day.)


  • IMG_2856PARENT SURVEYS: Please remember to turn in your completed Parent Survey to me, anytime this week! If you have not picked one up from me yet, please remember to grab one near the sign-out binder when you drop off or pick up your scholar from our classroom.


  • IMG_2845IMG_2854 ART: I stayed late after school yesterday to hang our first abstract art pieces! For last week’s Art Day Wednesday, we created “Abstract Self Portraits” using torn construction paper and warm or cold colors to illustrate our faces! Names are on the back of these pieces, so please ask your scholar which piece is theirs (or see if you can recognize them!).

Have a great week!