Morning Seatwork Challenge

For the past two years and this year, I have used the Mastering Basic Skills® Second Grade and Mastering Basic Skills® Third Grade books for Morning Seatwork with my second grade students. On the first day of school each week, my students arrive to a fresh Morning Seatwork packet on their desk, and they complete one page (front and back–on the back page, students write their spelling words one time) each morning, after unpacking and before being able to read silently in the library area or trade out their book box books. I love using these books to supplement the curriculum and provide fun and challenging morning work for my students.


This week, one of the challenges my second graders got from the Mastering Basic Skills® Second Grade book was an addition chart! After students attempted to complete the chart on their own (with much guidance), we looked at a completed chart and discussed all the patterns we could find.

This was a great way to get my students thinking bright and early in the morning! How do you get your students working first thing in the morning?


Time to Start Curriculum!

This week, our second grade team will be beginning to introduce our scholars to curriculum, while continuing to teach culture and routines for the remaining 10 Days of Culture. Reminder: We have our first English Language Arts test and our first Spelling test of the year this Friday, September 2nd! Below are some resources for what our scholars will be learning this week.


Phonics/Grammar Focus

  1. Phonics: short vowel sounds “a” and “i”
  2. Grammar: subjects and predicates
Spelling Words

  1. sad
  2. dig
  3. jam
  4. glad
  5. list
  6. win
  7. flat
  8. if
  9. fix
  10. rip
  11. kit
  12. mask
  13. as
  14. his
  15. sandwich
  16. picnic
Target Vocabulary Words

straight: not curling, curving, or bending

collars: bands that animals wear around their necks

row: a number of things arranged in a line

floppy: hanging or moving in a loose, droopy way

stood: was in an upright position on one’s feet

drooled: let saliva drip from the mouth

curly: having a twisted, ring, or spiral shape

weighed: had a certain heaviness

Your scholar may complete activities to help them practice this week’s spelling words here: