What’s Up Wednesday

Hello Families,

This week has been packed full of reinforcing our school culture and learning new routines that we will be doing for the rest of the year! However, we finally had time today to get to our class and independent writing time. I may have mentioned before that we will be focusing on 3 types of writing this year in second grade:

  • Narrative Writing (tells a story)
  • Expository Writing (explains something)
  • Persuasive Writing (tries to convince reader that writer’s opinion is correct)

Today, I modeled writing a story about a time when I found a dog (true story!) using my Topic Sentence Starters and Closing Sentence Starters (found in your child’s Take Home Binder). Remember, this is the format we will be using to write in our class this year:

  1. GREEN – GO! Topic Sentence (Grabs the reader’s attention and tells the main idea.)
  2. YELLOW – SLOW DOWN! Big Idea (Give a reason or a fact. Use a transition word.)
  3. RED – STOP! Detail (Give a detail or an example that supports your big idea.)
  4. YELLOW – SLOW DOWN! Big Idea (Give a reason or a fact. Use a transition word.)
  5. RED – STOP! Detail (Give a detail or an example that supports your big idea.)
  6. GREEN – GO BACK! Closing Sentence (Go back and remind the reader of your topic.)

As students advance beyond the 6-sentence paragraph, I would like them to focus first on adding more “reds” or more details. Below is the helpful video that we watched in class today. I will also link additional helpful videos below.

Is your child a “reluctant writer”? The following article explains how the Step Up to Writing “Traffic Light Paragraph” model is simple for students to visualize and use to construct a solid paragraph. While the article explains how to write a 4-sentence paragraph, we will be writing at least 6 sentences for our paragraphs in second grade: “Step Up To Writing: A Tool For The Reluctant Writer”


Mid-Week Notes!

Hello Families!

I hope you and your children are settling back into the routine of school nicely. One important piece of information I will generally post on Mondays (and in our Weekly Newsletter) is the tests and quizzes for the week!

This week on Friday, we will have the following tests and quizzes:

  1. English Language Arts Test (reading comprehension, phonics, & vocabulary)
  2. Spelling Test (12 words; find them typed in our child’s Take Home Binder and also posted here)
  3. Target Vocabulary Quiz (the 8 words that your child writes each morning as part of Morning Seatwork; also on the Spelling List posted here and in their Take Home Binder; students should be generally familiar with the definitions of these words-we have been discussing them each day in class and they are in this week’s story)

Also on Friday of this week:

  1. Share Day — Students have the option to bring a small stuffed animal or toy from home to share during Morning Meeting. They should not bring anything that they are afraid might get lost or ruined.
  2. Student Store — Students who have earned at least 25 cents will be able to shop at the student store or “trade out” their money (e.g., trade 5 pennies for 1 nickel) if they would like to save for a future Student Store day

This week as a class, we are working to make our Study Hall time more productive and less chatty. My goal is to have most of the children complete their “Must Do” work by the end of Study Hall each day. Students who want additional practice may always work on the “Should Do” options with parents at home.

Have a great evening!


See You Next Monday!

Dear Second Grade Families,

I am so excited to work with you and your children for the rest of the 2015-2016 school year! I feel fortunate to have been selected to be your child’s teacher and to be part of the staff at William Lee College Prep.

fall_foodsFor the rest of the year, you can check this area for daily blog posts from me. I plan to cross-post whatever I post here to our Class Dojo page as well. It is my pleasure to help keep you informed about what’s going on in our classroom so that we can work together to have a great year!

Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving Break. I look forward to seeing you in one week, bright and early at 7:30 am!