First Share Day!

Hello Second Grade Parents!

This is my first post of the 2017-2018 school year. I am writing to remind you that this Friday, September 15 is our first “Share Day” at Morning Meeting Circle (which happens every morning in our classroom from about 9:25 am to 9:40 am, depending on how long the rest of our Morning Routine takes).

This Friday, we are doing something special! Each student has been given one brown paper bag with their name written on it. (Please find it in the front pocket of their Home-School Binder.) I have asked them to fill this bag with at least 3 items–and no more than 10 items–that will tell us more about who they are (the part of them that we can’t see by looking at the outside!). Each student will get a chance to tell us about the items in their bag this Friday at Morning Meeting Circle.

Normally, Share Day will be every other Friday (so the next one will be on Friday, September 29), and I will try my best to remind you each week in our Weekly Newsletter. On a regular Share Day, students will be invited to bring one small personal item that is not too valuable (because they will likely want to bring it outside to enjoy with friends during recess… so, no smart phones or iPads/tablets, etc. please!) to tell us about at Morning Meeting Circle. Some examples of items students may bring are: a stuffed animal, a drawing book, a journal, a toy car, a doll, a football, Pokemon cards, a book, etc. Students will be asked to leave their share item in their backpack or in our “cubby” space (the empty bookshelf beneath the Parent Hub whiteboard) until Morning Meeting Circle. They will need to put their share item away until recess.

Please let me know if you have any questions! I am looking forward to learning more about your child!

Thank you,