School Shopping MaxI came in this year as a mid-year teacher, so I did most of my “back to school shopping” at my regular, go-to places where I knew I would find the items I wanted: Lakeshore Learning, Target, and Dollar Tree (which is a new love of mine). I’ve been meaning to get some sheet protectors to use to display students’ writing for the past few weeks, so I went to my local Office Max tonight. While there, I stumbled upon the teacher section of the store (it was the same aisle where the sheet protectors were), and I realized that Office Max has a lot of great deals! The woman who assisted me also let me know to meet her back at the store in the next day or two because she would give me a couple of items for free since I’m a teacher! Of course now, I’ll be going back to Office Max for quickie classroom needs in the future. Where do you do most of your teacher shopping?


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